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Shipping and Refund Policies


The customer can select the delivery method from the potential for your area. You should be aware that delivery times and cost will be different for each form of transport.

El Flamenco Vive sends the orders to their customers through various courier companies renowned nationally and internationally.

Before confirming your order will inform the customer about the shipping costs and delivery times that apply to your specific order. However, both may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order.

Because some of the products offered are handmade and therefore handmade for each customer in a special way once we receive the order information, delivery of goods takes place after the end of the manufacturing process within approximately 30 days. The deadline for submissions is set respectively for each shipping service, and therefore the Company is not responsible for strict compliance with these deadlines although it does provide all possible means for the correct delivery of each order.

El Flamenco Vive makes every effort to respect the deadlines, however, is not responsible for any consequences due to a shipping delay or packet loss by people outside the contract of carriage. Transport times may be altered by extraordinary incidents in the transport and difficulties in delivering the goods.

Shipping charges to appear on the website when ordering El Flamenco Vive are approximate and reserves the right to alter shipping costs when the weight of the shoes requested exceeds standard weight for which costs have been established guideline. In the event of a price change will be communicated via email to the customer on the variation and the customer may choose to cancel your order without being able to charge any additional cost.



El Flamenco Vive only supports two types of returns:

Refunds for defective and incorrect shipments

In this case our company will bear the costs of collection and shipping of the new product to be of the same nature as pickup. To do this, the client must inform El Flamenco Vive within seven days of receiving the item either through our telephone 0034 915 473 917 or sending an email to the email address elflamencovive@elflamencovive.es with the following information:

  1. reference and date of order
  2. item name / s and price
  3. reason for return
  4. place and time of collection of the product you want to return (it is important to attach the bill to the package)

Returns for non-conformity with the product

In contracts where the sale takes place at a distance, the consumer is entitled for seven days of receiving the product to return it if not satisfied. In this case, the costs of collection and return of the product will be borne by the customer who must submit the request through the same type of transmission that was used to send you your purchase. No accept returns due to shipping.
Note: can not be returned CDs, videos, books and scores (ie easily reproducible products) unless not being unsealed.

For this return can take place, the customer must provide us within seven days after receipt of the request the following information by e-mail at the address elflamencovive@elflamencovive.es or telephone 0034 915 473 917:

  1.  reference and date of order
  2.  item name / s and price
  3.  reason for return
  4.  place and time of collection of the product you want to return (it is important to attach the bill to the package)
  5.  bank account details for transfer to send the amount of product in case of cash on delivery. If payment is made by credit card you will pay the same.

 The refund amount will be held confirmed once we have received the product in perfect condition, unused and without unsealing the case of CDs, videos, books and sheet music. After seven days of receipt by the customer of the goods, shall not be entitled to a refund or reimbursement of the amount paid.

For any issues related to the return of articles on our website please contact us by email: elflamencovive@elflamencovive.es or phone: 0034 915 473 917.