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Flamenco mantilla comb faux tortoiseshell acetate
Ref: 2961047

بی مالیات: ‎﷼1٬155٬632 با مالیات: ‎﷼1٬398٬315

دسترسی: موجود

* فیلدهای الزامی

بی مالیات: ‎﷼1٬155٬632 با مالیات: ‎﷼1٬398٬315

بررسی ‌ اجمالی

Flamenco Comb faux tortoiseshell acetate, 180 mm height tile.


The comb is one of the major supplements aimed to favor the female face along with the blanket. The smaller used alone to complement the flamenco dress. The most faithful history back to the Iberian female headgear, Originally manufactured with carey. Characteristic models have round, square and rectangular forms, the tile and tile average more generalized; They can be smooth, or openwork art drawings. On the decline of the species of turtles, tortoiseshell combs began to be replaced by synthetic materials.

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نام Flamenco mantilla comb faux tortoiseshell acetate
ارجاع 2961047
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