El Flamenco Vive

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Guitarras Cofradía is the joint project of Alberto Chamón, Francisco de Borja and Pablo Luzuriaga, three young builders who got together in 2020 to create a line of original instruments, with unique designs, and looking for a powerful sound that preserves all the nuances of the traditional flamenco guitar. Alberto and Francisco studied at the Glissando school-workshop, owned by José Antonio Cerezo, where Pablo was also an assistant tutor. There, students learn the traditional methods of the Madrid School of guitar makers, among whom is Arturo Sanzano, who was a master builder at the Ramírez shop and eventually became Glissando's first teacher. At Cofradía, all guitars are made entirely by hand, and the whole process is carried out in a small workshop in Malasaña. Premium spruce is used, with a traditional Torres-style bracing that has demonstrated its ideal character for a traditional sound for decades. The choice of cypress is suggested for flamenco guitars with a percussive and dry sound, or the option of rosewood if you are looking for a warm tone with greater sustain.

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