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20875 Metrónomo Flamenco Sevilla Soft - MFSSv1

Full Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft - MFSSv1
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The full version of Flamenco Metronome MFSS consists of two parts: one is a small device with graphic display, keyboard and USB connection that operates completely independently, and the other is a program that runs under Windows XP / VISTA / 7 or Mac OSX 10.5 and later.


The Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft  is the indispensable professional tool, whether you play the guitar, cajón or palmas, dance or sing, are professional or amateur.

  • Flamenco Metronome and digital chromatic tunner programed with all flamenco palos.
  • 150 different rhythm formulas.
  • Real soud of percusion instruments (palmas, cajones, djembés, darbukas, panderos, tacón …).
  • 8 or 16 tracks to compose your own formulas and songs.
  • Time signatures from 1 to 12 beats.
  • Stereo sound. Combine the instruments to your liking.
  • Select speed: from 20 to 400 BPM. Progressively speed up or slow down.
  • Your screen will inform you at all times as to the tempo.12 light indicators in the shape of a clock indicate accented beats: green for normal and red for accented.
  • You will feel as though you are being accompanied by genuine palmeros or percussionists with swing and flamenco soniquete.
  • Connect it to your PC with the high speed USB 2.0 interface to programme, compose new rhythms, practice and send the information to the Flamenco Metronome.
  • Built-in loudspeaker and headphone outlet enable you to carry it around with you or connect it to your HiFi equipment for for maximun quality.
  • Download updates from the WEB.

Box contains:

  • The Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft.
  • CDROM with user manuals. Software: ACOMPAS_MFSS andMFSS_PROF for Windows. ACOMPAS_MFSS and MFSS_PROF for Mac OsX.
  • Warranty, install guide and quick start guide.
  • USB cable.
  • Adapter of electrical current of 5 VDC.
  • Adapter plug for USA.

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Name Full Flamenco Metronome Sevilla Soft - MFSSv1
Reference 20875
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